IT Services


Our IT consulting services are designed to help our clients to derive maximum benefit from using IT solutions to achieve their business objectives. Our services include business analysis, network audit, design, etc.

Internet Connectivity

Our internet connectivity solutions includes 3G/LTE, ADSL and fibre solutions. We offer affordable solutions with flexible contract options to help our clients access a variety of internet services including email, internet, VoIP telephony, online storage, access to video streaming services such as Netflix, DSTV Now, Showmax, etc.


We offer flexible and affordable email and hosting packages to provide our clients with secure hosting services to enhance their online presence.


Our infrastructure services includes desktop, server, network, storage, security hardware and software that are essential to design and build secure and innovative solutions that help our clients enhance service delivery. We partner with leading global vendors such as Arista, Cisco, Fortinet, HP Enterprises, HP Inc, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware, etc. to deliver solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

Contact Centre

Our Contact Center services are geared to help clients that deal with large volumes of phone, email, web interactions, SMS, Instant Messages, etc. that are used to serve their customers. This includes hosted services where we provide contact center seats with or without staff or the deployment of the infrastructure together with all the licensing required to operate a contact center system. Contact centers can be used to provide customer service, help desk, marketing and a variety of services.


Our internet security services are designed to protect our clients’ endpoint devices, servers as well as other essential network infrastructure to give our clients piece of mind by securing all essential communications to protect data.

Our Approach


We put a considerable amount of time to plan all our projects to ensure that we succeed in delivering to our clients expectations. Business analysis is key for us to gather all the relevant information to identify the business requirements while also getting a good insight into our clients business operations. This also helps with bench marking that is essential for the improvements done from time to time to ensure that the solutions operate optimally to give our clients piece of mind while they focus on core business activities.


This function takes care of the design, configuration, deployment and testing to make the service ready for the production environment. This includes investigating vendor offerings, selecting specific technologies, performing the integration required to make sure they work together, and conducting testing to ensure required stability. This is where we take complex requirements gathered during the business analysis stage, utilise our skilled resources develop technology solutions using standard service offerings, and provisions them into the day-to-day environment. The deployment team, for example, determines how many servers and how many gigabytes of storage should be provisioned to support a new business application.


The run team plays a key role in assisting our clients to perform all operational duties to keep their systems operating optimally to meet service level expectations. This function usually relies on a service desk that is provides the interface for logging customer complaints as well as monitoring, change management as well as the assignment of tasks that need to be performed to ensure a reliable solution. This function also takes care of day to day tasks such as system backups, security management, etc. to ensure that the system is reliable and available to ensure that clients carry out their day to day activities to achieve their strategic objectives.

Our Expertise




Our consultants have more than 10 years of experience of not only understanding the client business requirements but more importantly translating this into easy to designs of solutions that are built to meet client requirements.


Design Specialists


Our design specialists have extensive experience of designing networks of various sizes for organisations with operations throughout sub-Saharan Africa. This are networks that run different applications including unified communications, contact center, security, etc.

Network design



Our implementation specialists have a wealth of experience of building secure networks that carry large volumes of data that is essential for the efficient running of day to day operations of our clients.

Joint Plan


Our technical experts also play a crucial role of assisting our clients to run their day to day operations to ensure their networks are running optimally to support business operations.


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Additional Services

Data Recovery

Data Recovery




PC Fixes

PC Fixes

Our Solutions

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IT Solutions

Naledzi Technologies helps customers to achieve strategic objectives by utilizing our skilled resources to design, implement and support innovative and secure technology solutions in collaboration with our partners.

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Hosted Services

Our  email and web hosting solutions help customers deploy new technology capacity at a rapid pace without the need for direct investment  in infrastructure to help them respond to market demands. This results in significant cost savings as customer are no longer required to invest in infrastructure, power and cooling, skills, etc that are usually associated with infrastructure investments.

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Internet Connectivity

We offer a range of internet connectivity solutions at affordable prices without the need for lengthy contract obligations. Our services includes 3G, LTE, ADSL and fibre connectivity services for home as well as business use.

Our Partnerships


Naledzi Technologies specializes in delivering sustainable solutions including Information Communications Technology, project management, renewable energy, digital signature, etc. that help our customers to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We continuously strive to be a great company to better service our customers, reduce costs, become more competitive, and improve profitability. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers by implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation and strengthening organizational capabilities. We continuously seek to develop sustainable solutions that will positively impact society.
We partner with leading global technology providers such as Cisco, Dell, HP Inc, HP Enterprises, Fortinet, Microsoft, Symantec, VMware, etc. They provide access to the best technology solutions essential to building the solutions we need to deliver solutions that help our customers become more productive and reduce costs to help them become more competitive in the market.
The solutions we deliver include:
  • Hardware Infrastructure – including desktops, servers, storage as well as network solutions
  • Software licensing including Office applications, operating systems as well as virtualization software
  • IT Consulting services including network design, implementation, and maintenance services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Contact Centres
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet services – 3G/LTE, 5G, and fibre connectivity
  • Email and web hosting services