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Cloud services
Cloud-based service delivery models provide significant advantages for service providers and enterprises, including speed-to-market, extended service reach, and favourable business models. We offer several easy to use and white label real time communications Cloud Services for Unified Communications and Collaboration, Contact Centre and Unified Messaging solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.
Our solutions includes:
Unified communications and collaboration
Businesses are turning to the cloud to more cost effectively deliver Unified
Communications and Collaboration to both wired and mobile users across the
organisation. Our Unified Communications delivers a compelling alternative to traditional
IP-PBXs without  the upfront equipment costs, integration challenges and ongoing support hassles. Our customers IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives that are essential for the organisation to get maximum benefits from unified communications solutions. Our solution can be deployed as an enterprise-wide Unified Communications as a Service solution or as a centralized session manager to tie together or augment premise-based phone systems. If an organization has legacy PBXs, our solution that can help our customers to migrate endpoints to save costs. Our solution is designed to support and manage multi-site, multinational organizations – not just small businesses.
With our UC solution, workers continue to enjoy a consistent set of traditional communications capabilities in addition to video, HD VoIP, audio/video conferencing and screen-sharing from home, office or the road. The UCC solution is standards-based so organizations can select from multiple brands of SIP-based endpoints as well as an extensive set of UC clients. It also supports the latest WebRTC standards to deliver UC with just a web browser with no proprietary hardware lock-in or hidden licensing charges.

Unified Communications Advantages:
  • Wide-ranging client support including smartphones, tablets, WebRTC-compliant browsers, PCs and Macs as well as SIP-based endpoints
  • Robust multi-site, multi-tiered management tools
  • Unique ability to support PBX migrations and reuse phones
  • Improve collaboration for office-based and mobile employees
  • New capabilities are regularly released in the cloud – no upgrade planning or charges
  • Delivered on carrier-class platforms with 7×24 network monitoring and support

Unified messaging
Contact centre
Unified messaging
As staffing costs rise and competition for customer spending increases, organizations need cost-effective tools to pro-actively manage the customer engagement process, improve customer service and reduce staff costs.  Our contact centre solutions include software that connects and manages customer interactions across multiple media types that originated from almost any device.  Unified reports, both real and historic, give managers the information they need to optimize agent performance and protect the company’s reputation.
Customer interactions are quickly moving from phone calls to text-based conversations. We deliver software with new tools such as screen recording to supplement call recording, assuring efficient agent performance and maintaining complete records of every
transaction.  Multimedia skills-based
routing and survey tools assure interactions are handled effectively.
Contact Centre Solutions Advantages:
  • Field-proven in large, multi-site deployments
  • WebRTC support ensures customer access from any device
  • Standards-based integration simplifies multivendor deployments
  • Supports integration with legacy PBX platforms
  • Deploy on premises or acquire as a service from the Cloud
Service Providers across the globe are aggressively transforming their networks  to reduce costs and expand the scope of subscriber services.  There is a clear drive to reduce energy costs, shrink footprint and consolidate central offices in a drive to reduce operational costs.  Too often the focus is only on core switching platforms leaving aging or obsolete messaging platforms untouched.  These elements are often deployed on legacy platforms that are end of life, inefficient and ill-suited for today’s mobile-centric subscriber.
Our solution delivers voice mail, web portal access, e-mail access, transcription services, fax messaging, and automated attendant services. The fully virtualized platform

is completely redundant, assuring unmatched reliability.
The solution helps to simplify  communications by unifying andenabling an integrated and highly-visual messaging experience for end users. It enables multiple tightly-integrated, turnkey solutions from a single intelligent messaging platform including voicemail, voicemail-to-text, unified messaging, fax messaging, and automated attendant services. It streamlines the communication delays between people and improves the productivity and efficiency of business and everyday life.
Unified messaging Benefits:
  • Unified business and consumer multimedia messaging platform across all networks and all device types
  • Redundant architecture including geographic redundancy option
  • Common accessibility via phone, web, and e-mail
  • Voicemail-to-text for users to discreetly and effortlessly check their voicemail visually
  • Fax Messaging with browse, select, forward, and print ability for greater efficiency and responsiveness
  • Automated Attendant to easily administer incoming call routing via web-based provisioning.
Unified messaging
Contact centre




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